Home Made Yogurt

Hey guys, If you want an awesome homemade yogurt that is really delicious and very easy to make then this one is for you. With only four ingredients (one of which is optional) It is super simple to make. The most tedious part is the waiting. So if you are ready to make some yummy… Continue reading Home Made Yogurt


Easy Keto Cinnamon Rolls

This recipe is super simple and so delicious. It is great to make for breakfast or dessert. They are easy to store, freeze and take with you on the go. I have been testing and testing recipes for cinnamon rolls for about 2 weeks now and this is by far the best. I am super… Continue reading Easy Keto Cinnamon Rolls


Keto Shrimp Alfredo

This recipe is great for those who miss pasta. This was one of the dishes that I would always order when going out to a restaurant. It was always good and never failed. So I learned to recreate it at home so I could make it at home with better ingredients and I knew what… Continue reading Keto Shrimp Alfredo


Keto Vanilla Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

Sitting in my living room watching my husband and daughter tackle a cake in the kitchen. They have the kitchen aide out, bowls, spoons, eggs, oils, and a boxed cake mix. lol. I thought well, I'm going to have to clean that up. lol. As they mix, bake, and frost the cake and sit down… Continue reading Keto Vanilla Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting


Keto Crunch Peanut Butter Cup Fat Bombs

Alright, guys, I love peanut butter cups but, With the keto lifestyle, you can not eat just any store-bought peanut butter cup. They are loaded with additives, Sugars and all the bad stuff that you do not need. These peanut butter cups are slightly sweetened just enough to curb your sweet tooth cravings, Crunchy from… Continue reading Keto Crunch Peanut Butter Cup Fat Bombs


Keto Pumpkin Pie Fat Bombs

If you are struggling to reach your fat goals for the day (if you do keto or low carb) then this recipe is perfect. They are so easy to make and they are so delicious. I love having these on hand or any fat bomb recipe on hand for when I struggle to reach my… Continue reading Keto Pumpkin Pie Fat Bombs


Pumpkin Cream Cheese Loaf

Hey Everyone! I have got this brand new recipe for you to kick off your fall season! It is Keto Friendly, Moist, Fluffy and so delicious. It is not too sweet but just sweet enough. I know you are going to love it. Here are the ingredients and directions. INGREDIENTS: CREAM CHEESE CENTER ~ 8… Continue reading Pumpkin Cream Cheese Loaf


Keto Italian Grilled Cheese

This is by far the best keto Italian Grilled cheese I have ever had the privilege of making. It is super easy and so good. For the bread recipe see my grilled cheese post. This recipe has cheese, salami, and pepperoni and it is every bit as good as the "real" thing. So let's get… Continue reading Keto Italian Grilled Cheese


Keto Grilled Cheese

Who says that you can not have bread on the keto lifestyle? Of course, you can! With this easy recipe, you can have bread any time. This is my favorite recipe for bread since I started my new keto journey! I love it. You can flavor it however you want and pair it with so… Continue reading Keto Grilled Cheese


Keto No-Bake Single-Serve Strawberry Cheesecake

You know when you are sitting in your comfy chair, In your comfy pajama's and you get that craving. It is not just any craving... It is a CHEESECAKE craving. You can't just go to the store and pick up a cheesecake because you don't really know what is in it, it is filled with… Continue reading Keto No-Bake Single-Serve Strawberry Cheesecake