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Couscous Salad With Tomatoes And Mint

couscous Salad With Tomatoes And Mint Spring is finally here and the weather is warming up. It is time to break out the grills, light foods, and salads. This easy salad is so easy to put together and is perfect for all of your springtime/summertime backyard grilling. It can be served cold or at room… Continue reading Couscous Salad With Tomatoes And Mint

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Patty Melts With Pimento Cheese

Patty Melts With Pimento Cheese Burgers are one of the best summertime grilling past times, especially in the south. There is not a summer that has gone by without a burger being grilled at one point or another. Burgers just make summers better. Am I right or am I right? lol This Patty melt burger… Continue reading Patty Melts With Pimento Cheese

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Swiss Mushroom Burgers

Swiss Mushroom Burger It is no surprise that we love burgers in this house. We love them grilled or pan-fried. They are so versatile and you can make them in so many different ways, even wrapped in lettuce. However you like your burger, they are so delicious. I am going to share with you another… Continue reading Swiss Mushroom Burgers

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Pasta With Pesto Cream Sauce

This easy side dish is perfect for grilled chicken or any of your BBQ dishes during the spring/summer. It is so easy to put together and super affordable. I love whipping up great meals or side dishes straight out of the pantry without making 2 or 3 trips to the grocery store for certain items.… Continue reading Pasta With Pesto Cream Sauce


Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken With Turmeric Rice I love Tandoori Chicken. It is so complex in flavor but it is all the right ones. The spices never compete with each other but complement each other so well. It is one of the dishes that I always get when we go out to eat at our favorite Indian… Continue reading Tandoori Chicken


Bacon Cheese Burger Empanadas

Bacon Cheese Burger Empanadas EMPANADA DOUGH: 2 cups all-purpose flour1 tsp salt ( 1 tsp coarse salt or 1/2 tsp fine salt)1/2 to 2/3 cup of water1/2 stick unsalted butter - cubed and cold Combine the flour and salt in a bowl. Add the butter and mix with your hands until crumbly. Add the water… Continue reading Bacon Cheese Burger Empanadas


Crockpot Beefy Ranch Pot Roast

Crockpot Beefy Ranch Pot Roast We LOVE crockpot/slowcooker recipes. They are so easy and you just chuck them in the slowcooker and go on about your business for a while. Who could ask for such a better/easier meal? Now, When it comes to roasts in the slowcooker, you have to set out the time to… Continue reading Crockpot Beefy Ranch Pot Roast


Roasted Pineapple Garlic Chicken

Roasted Pineapple Garlic Chicken I always have some form of chicken on hand in the fridge or freezer. It is very versatile and you can flavor it in many, many ways. This Roasted Pineapple Garlic Chicken has a slight Asian/Hawaiian feel to it. It kind of reminds me of some of the roasted pigs in… Continue reading Roasted Pineapple Garlic Chicken


Maple Roasted Chicken With Vegetables

This is one of our favorite Chicken recipes. I have been making this for quite a while and it never disappoints. It is so easy and so delicious plus it is a one-pan meal. I love making this in my cast-iron skillet, but if you don't have a cast-iron skillet you can certainly make this… Continue reading Maple Roasted Chicken With Vegetables


Sourdough Pizza Crust

Sourdough Pizza (crusts) Sourdough is a unique flavor. It has a slight yeast flavor paired with a slightly sour flavor. It is the best dough to work with. It is so forgiving and absolutely delicious. Once the dough has fermented to develop that unique flavor you can make so many things with it. One of… Continue reading Sourdough Pizza Crust