Ravioli Lasagna

Ravioli Lasagna With Berry Salad And Avocado Everyone loves an easy throw-together meal and this recipe for "Ravioli Lasagna" is one recipe that I keep on hand for busy days. I can just make a quick meat sauce, layer everything together, and bake it off. I add a side salad to make a complete meal… Continue reading Ravioli Lasagna


Sausage And Kraut

Sausage And Kraut If you like kraut and sausage then you are going to love this one! It is so easy, slightly spicy, and so good. Something happens to the kraut when it is cooked with all of these wonderful spices and the sausage that just makes it so delicious. This is a versatile recipe… Continue reading Sausage And Kraut

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Steak with chimichurri Chimichurri is a herby, slightly spicy sauce that you can top on anything. Primarily it is used on steaks or chicken but you can use it on whatever you like. I love making a savory-style toast and adding it to the top for a pop of spicy freshness. It is so good… Continue reading Chimichurri

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Nutella Sweet Rolls

What is better than dough filled with tasty fillings. You have cinnamon rolls, sweet rolls, jam-filled rolls, cream cheese-filled rolls, and fruit-filled rolls. They are all delicious. I love chocolate and Nutella so I combined that with my cinnamon roll dough and created a tasty Nutella sweet roll. Now I know there are many of… Continue reading Nutella Sweet Rolls

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Biscuits And Sausage Gravy

In every southern kitchen, every family has their own way of making biscuits and gravy. This recipe for biscuits and sausage gravy is my favorite way of making it and it turns out delicious every single time. The biscuits are nice and fluffy and the gravy is so good topped on the biscuits. No matter… Continue reading Biscuits And Sausage Gravy


Jordanian “Sumac Chicken And Flatbread”

If you are looking to spice up your boring chicken dinners then this dish is for you. It is so easy and flavorful that you will absolutely love it. It is caramelized onions on flatbread with perfectly spiced chicken topped with toasted pine nuts and cilantro. It is so good. The flavors in this dish… Continue reading Jordanian “Sumac Chicken And Flatbread”


Jordanian Shish Kebabs

These Jordanian Kebabs are pretty easy to make and are so good. You can make them with either ground lamb, beef, chicken, or turkey. I like to make mine with ground beef because it is sometimes hard to find ground lamb where I live. It is typically made with ground lamb but you can use… Continue reading Jordanian Shish Kebabs

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Labneh is a middle eastern yogurt that has been drained until ultra thick, kind of like cream cheese. It is so good. I absolutely love it. Now, I am not going to boil a mixture of cream and milk to make yogurt. We are going the easy route and using greek yogurt. It is so… Continue reading Labneh

Sauces And dips


If you are a hummus fan then you will love this one. It is so easy to make, full of flavor, Zingy, thick and creamy. It is so much better than store-bought. The lemon adds a wonderful zing while the tahini and olive oil adds a nice earthy flavor. The combination of flavors is a… Continue reading Hummus


Kaak Bread

Kaak bread is a Lebanese street-style bread. It somewhat favors a bread donut with sesame seeds. You can make these in two different styles. I will tell you how later on at the bottom of the page. Kaak is a soft bread and is typically used for sandwiches. They are popular as street-style food which… Continue reading Kaak Bread