The Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

I Started drinking Lemon Water about 5 years ago and right off the bat, I seen a big difference in my digestion and skin. Within one week of drink Lemon Water, I noticed my Digestion was moving along better. I noticed that my bowel Movements were getting regular and I didn't feel weighed down and tired… Continue reading The Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water


Benefits Of The Maca Root

  Today we are going to talk about the Maca Root and its benefits. I am going to fill you in on all that the Maca Root has to offer to you and your health. So let's get started. First off, The Maca Root is an adaptogen. This means that it is in a group… Continue reading Benefits Of The Maca Root


Spiced Chocolate Chip And Oreo Cookies

Ahhhh.... cookies.  So delicious. So versatile. Soft and chewy. Crisp and crunchy. Either way you like your cookies they are an absolutely fantastic dessert or snack. These cookies are fall inspired. You can make these cookies year round.  The Soft flavors of fall spice and the chewy batter along with the gooey chocolate chips and Oreo's.… Continue reading Spiced Chocolate Chip And Oreo Cookies


Pumpkin Pie Oats With Blueberry Chia Jam

With the weather getting the Classic Fall Chill in the air, It seems fitting to make a yummy and delicious breakfast. The ever so delicious pumpkin flavor along with a sweet and tangy blueberry jam. Oh yea, loving the fall at the moment. It gives me the opportunity to create all things pumpkin inspired. This… Continue reading Pumpkin Pie Oats With Blueberry Chia Jam

Sauces And dips

AquaFaba Mayo

Easy, Simple and delicious Aquafaba Mayo. This mayo is made from the liquid from chickpeas. You can't taste the chickpea flavor at all. It is creamy, slightly sweet and slightly tangy.  You can adjust the taste to your liking. You can use this mayo as you would any other type of mayo. You can add… Continue reading AquaFaba Mayo


Spiced Blueberry Oats

Spiced Blueberry Oats. A simple, delicious and healthier breakfast option to keep you satiated.  This recipe has fresh ingredients with no salt added and better yet, No butter. These oats do not skimp on flavor either. These Oats are a great compliment to the onset of fall weather. The spiced oats are warming and filling,… Continue reading Spiced Blueberry Oats


Simple Oven Fries

The ever so simple oven fries. Easy to make and every one enjoys them. These fries are salt and oil free. They do not skimp on flavor either. These fries are smokey and flavorful. INGREDIENTS: 4 potatoes (washed and cut into wedges or into thick strips 1 tsp smoked paprika pepper to taste 1/4 to… Continue reading Simple Oven Fries

Terms And Conditions

For My Viewers

On this blog I create and commit my time to give to my viewers the best in recipes I can deliver, along with health nutrition and pictures. My recipes and pictures are for my viewers so they can try, test and tweak any recipe to their specific needs and tastes. If I am sent any… Continue reading For My Viewers


Homemade Coconut Milk

Homemade Coconut milk.....Naturally sweet and light. Fresh and delicious. Growing up, I never really liked the taste of cows milk or any other type "Dairy" milks such as Flavored milks or any percentage milks. I just found at a very early age that I did not like any type of milks. For the longest time… Continue reading Homemade Coconut Milk