Terms And Conditions

For My Viewers

On this blog I create and commit my time to give to my viewers the best in recipes I can deliver, along with health nutrition and pictures. My recipes and pictures are for my viewers so they can try, test and tweak any recipe to their specific needs and tastes.

If I am sent any recipe or picture it is my guarantee to the person who sent that particular piece, that they get full recognition for their piece. You will not owe any tender to me to present your piece on my blog. It is yours and yours alone. If I am contacted about your piece I will send them to the information you provide to me for your full benefits.

With this being said, All of my recipes and or pictures that are seen by any one or companies, can not use or distribute any of my recipes or pictures unless agreed to by my terms and conditions, prior to distribution on any media or site. If you are interested in any of my recipes or pictures to distribute on your site or media, you can message me on my Instagram @scarlettandkris or my email at samcrews01@gmail.com

As to privacy:

All submission information to me will be held in private and all of your information will be held in confidentiality unless other wise stated which information you want publicized along with your recipe or picture. Only that information will be made public. All information that will be made public not upon request will be the name of your site or blog so viewers can get information to your blog or site. Any other information will be held private unless other wise noted.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment, message or email me. I will answer you to the best of my knowledge. If there is something I left out please notify me and I will address it.

Thankyou to all my viewers and subscribers.

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