Sauces And dips

AquaFaba Mayo

Easy, Simple and delicious Aquafaba Mayo. This mayo is made from the liquid from chickpeas. You can't taste the chickpea flavor at all. It is creamy, slightly sweet and slightly tangy.  You can adjust the taste to your liking. You can use this mayo as you would any other type of mayo. You can add… Continue reading AquaFaba Mayo


Spiced Blueberry Oats

Spiced Blueberry Oats. A simple, delicious and healthier breakfast option to keep you satiated.  This recipe has fresh ingredients with no salt added and better yet, No butter. These oats do not skimp on flavor either. These Oats are a great compliment to the onset of fall weather. The spiced oats are warming and filling,… Continue reading Spiced Blueberry Oats