The Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

I Started drinking Lemon Water about 5 years ago and right off the bat, I seen a big difference in my digestion and skin. Within one week of drink Lemon Water, I noticed my Digestion was moving along better. I noticed that my bowel Movements were getting regular and I didn’t feel weighed down and tired in the mornings.

About 2 to 3 weeks later I noticed my skin clearing up. I had less redness and blemishes on my face and I was less irritated by my skincare routine.  I noticed that my Mouth produced more saliva and was not nearly as dry. I also noticed that I was full for longer during the day and I was less bloated. I didn’t eat as much as I normally do when incorporating lemon water or water with my meals.

Water is so important to your daily health and adding in citrus, such as lemons, to your water helps make water not so bland. It perks it up and you can add anything to water to alter the taste and help hydrate your body and help with energy to keep you going all day long. It also helps your body in getting a deeper sleep during the night. Lemon water or just water is a daily part of my health care routine and I will always incorporate this into my daily life as it has helped in so many ways. So let’s get into some of the benefits of lemon water.


  1. Promotes Hydration:

Lemons help boost digestion and immunity. It encourages the natural cleansing of your body. It is packed with Potassium, Vitamin B and C, Calcium, Magnesium, Antioxidants and Iron. Lemons help your body absorb the water into your system quicker so you get maximum benefits of the water and nutrients it has.

2. Glowing Skin:

Lemons are rich in Vitamin C which helps ward off wrinkles, Blemishes and promotes elasticity. It stimulates fresh elastin and collagen production in your body. It also helps shed all the dead skin cells to new skin cells can form and function properly.

3. Immunity:

Lemons have an immune boosting property to help aide in all those pesky cold and flu symptoms such as a sore throat, cough, muscle aches and low energy. Lemons also help boost the lymphatic system.

4. Decreases Inflammation:

Some of the properties in lemons help decrease the Uric Acid in the joints to help decrease Chronic Acid build up and helps aide in the decrease of pain and inflammation in the joints. This helps your joints move properly.

5. Antiviral and Antibacterial properties:

Studies have shown that simply smelling lemons aide in the brain function and mood. Lemons also aide in Gastrointestinal problems with their antimicrobial compounds and helps decrease fungal, viral infections and helps decrease their symptoms.

6. Enhances Digestion:

Studies have shown that lemons Naturally alkalines Stomach Acids. They promote the healthy discard of toxins from your body. Lemons also aide in constipation, heartburn, bloating and indigestion. Combining lemons or citrus with Green Tea enhances the Green Tea properties and helps aide in the absorption of the benefits of the properties of Green Tea.

7. Promotes Brain, Nerve Health, Mental Clarity, and focus:

Studies suggest that when smelling lemons releases the brains Norepinephrine, The brains feel-good chemical which helps boosts energy and alertness.

8. Decreases UTI’S:

Lemons are a Natural Diuretic which aides in the flushing out of the harmful toxins from your body and other organs including the Urinary Tract. Lemons also help aide in the prevention of bacterial growth and lessens the symptoms of the infection in the Kidneys, Bladder, and Urethra.

9. Cancer Fighter:

In certain Cancer Research, it is shown that Having low body acids from Lemons help to aide in decreasing certain types of Cancers. The peel of the Lemon is rich in Terpenes like D-limonene which has several Cancer-fighting benefits.

10. Breath Refresher:

Along with all the fantastic health benefits that lemons have to offer it is also a breath refresher. Certain properties in Lemons help decrease bad breath and bad bacteria from your mouth and gums. Adding a little lemon juice in a little bit of water and swish in your mouth for about 30 seconds or so helps rid you of these symptoms. Although lemons are pretty awesome for you the high acidity in lemons can wear on your teeth. make sure if you use lemons as a mouthwash be sure to rinse your mouth out with plain water to remove excess acidity from your teeth. Drinking lemons with water or hot teas like Green Tea can help cut down on the acidity setting on your teeth and gums and wearing out your tooth enamel.

11. Weight loss:

Studies have also shown that drinking Lemon Water also helps aide in weight loss. It helps curb your appetite to help keep you feeling full for longer periods of time without all the extra calories. Although Lemons do not make you lose weight by any means, it helps control your appetite and helps suppress useless “bad” snacking. If you do need to eat make sure you opt for a healthy snack such as fruit or vegetables keeping away from all those processed foods.

I hope this inspires you to incorporate Lemon Water into your diet or routine every morning to experience the fantastic benefits of Lemons. Give lemons a try and in just a short amount of time, you will also notice a difference in your body and skin.

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