Braised Paprika Chicken

This recipe is such an easy dish to prepare. It requires little ingredients yet it packs such good flavor and is very filling. This recipe in particular has made it's way down quite a few tables in my family. Although it is not a very old dish per se It has been in my family… Continue reading Braised Paprika Chicken


Burst Tomatoes With Buttermilk Eggs And Cajun Grits

When elegance meets rustic this is what you get... Well, at least for a Sunday breakfast or brunch. It is spin on roasted tomatoes and eggs and grits. It is a more upscale yet rustic breakfast that does not skimp on flavor and and is on the lighter side. I love serving this for breakfast… Continue reading Burst Tomatoes With Buttermilk Eggs And Cajun Grits


Sweet And Spicy Meatballs In Sauce

I have served this exact recipe on my table for years. I created this recipe about 18 years ago when my children were just babies. Although I did leave out the spice when they were babies, However, I have added a more adult palate taste over the years. My children loved meatballs and still do.… Continue reading Sweet And Spicy Meatballs In Sauce


Honey And Lemon Cake

When the spring and summer months roll in, you want to fill your home with all of those beautiful colors and the aroma of delicious desserts. This recipe has always welcomed in the spring for our household and has graced my grandmothers table all the same. This is a taste of down home desserts that… Continue reading Honey And Lemon Cake


Sticky Buffalo Hot Wings

If my daughter could eat one thing for the rest of her life, It would probably be hot wings. She loves hot wings. Not only hot wings but wings in general. So it goes to say that I am always cooking some form of wings. These wings are a creation that my daughter and I… Continue reading Sticky Buffalo Hot Wings


Southern Style Chicken And Gravy

Chicken And Gravy is a more traditional style meal. It is chicken that has been seared and cooked in a chicken based gravy. It is an old school delicious meal that has graced the southern table for many years. Every family in the south has their own rendition of this classic dish and each are… Continue reading Southern Style Chicken And Gravy