Toasted Coconut And Pineapple Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake is Mexican dessert. It is a sponge cake type dessert soaked in 3 types of milk and topped with whipped cream. The original Tres Leches is absolutely delicious and often make it during the summer months. I also love to revamp things to make them even more better. I have a few… Continue reading Toasted Coconut And Pineapple Tres Leches Cake


Italian Turkey Ragu With Pasta

This recipe for Italian turkey ragu with pasta is wonderfully easy and great for beginner cooks. Not only is it great for beginners, it is also perfect for any weeknight meal or date night. This recipe is so versatile and absolutely delicious and on the lighter side. I don't cook rich heavy foods all the… Continue reading Italian Turkey Ragu With Pasta


Strawberry Pie With Whipped Topping

This recipe..right here.. Is summer in pie form. It is so good. I adore making this pie every summer when the strawberries are beautiful and ripe. Pair this with the slightly sweet and tangy whipped topping.. and you have a delectable pie that will be the centerpiece of your table. I can not put into… Continue reading Strawberry Pie With Whipped Topping


Butter Pie Dough

This is my basic no fail recipe for pie dough. This pie dough is super versatile and forgiving. It is great for sweet or savory dishes that calls for pie dough. Although I have a few doughs that I use for certain dishes, this one is my go to. It never lets me down. I… Continue reading Butter Pie Dough


Focaccia Dough

This is my go to focaccia dough. It is super easy to make and it tastes amazing. It is slightly different than my pizza dough. With this dough you can add any type of herb or garlic to the dough to make it taste even better. You can make this in a stand mixer (… Continue reading Focaccia Dough


Italian Grilled Chicken, Tomato, And Rosemary Focaccia

Focaccia is such an easy dish to make. You can pretty much add whatever topping you like and call it a day. Now focaccia is somewhat different than pizza. The dough is dimpled and drizzled with olive oil and it is then scented with simple toppings like rosemary and thyme. It is a dish that… Continue reading Italian Grilled Chicken, Tomato, And Rosemary Focaccia


Summer Pasta Salad

When it comes to summer.... I love pasta salads. They are easy to throw together and they are travel friendly so I can pack them up when we travel to the lake. This recipe is a very light and simply seasoned pasta salad so you don't feel to weighed down when you eat it. It… Continue reading Summer Pasta Salad


Southern Rustic Doughnuts

I have been making these doughnuts for many years and they always turn out perfect. They are slightly sweet, fluffy and delicious. I always have to make a double batch because I usually share them with our neighbors. I guess doughnuts are a universal language. lol. With these doughnuts you can make the standard doughnuts… Continue reading Southern Rustic Doughnuts


Skillet Cornbread

There are many different ways to make cornbread or even the ingredients you add to it. From basic to sweet and then there is spicy. The add ins are endless when it comes to this southern staple. I have made cornbread in every way I possibly could but, I have to say that there is… Continue reading Skillet Cornbread

Soups And Stews

Butter Beans

This is the classic of all classics... Beans and cornbread has graced every table in the south and the mid-west for many, many years. It has graced the trails of thousands of cowboys and wagon trains along with the southern and mid-west families. It truly is a traditional classic in a class of it's own.… Continue reading Butter Beans