The Benefits Of MCT Oil

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Today I thought I would do a little post about MCT oil. I use this oil when I need an extra boost of energy. To help keep me feeling more full for a longer period of time during long work days and to help my blood sugar stay more stabilized during the day.

I love putting this in all sorts of things Like smoothies, coffee, and hot chocolate. I also put a little in my salad dressings.

In this post, I want to let you in on how this oil works and how it helps you and your body. All of this information is just from research via the internet. The information in this post we studied by scientists who conducted lab tests on the oil and the benefits.

NOTE: DISCLAIMER: Please do not take this oil as a medicine if you have any type of illness or disease. Please speak with your doctor before taking any medication or supplement for any medical condition to make sure it is safe for you to take and does not interfere with your current medication.

With this being said let’s get on to the benefits of MCT OIL:

FIrst off this wonderful little liquid is a supplement and you can add it in anything. As I’ve said above, You can put it in drinks, smoothies, and dressings.

MCT stands for { medium chain triglycerieds}. It is easily digestible by your body which makes it easy for your body to process these fats. The MCT oil is extracted from coconut oil. It contains “Caprylic and Capric Acids” which is commonly used for MCT oil.

Below I will give you 7 benefits of MCT oil along with how each benefit can help you.

  1. MCT Oil helps promote weight loss.

*1. It increases the release of 2 hormones that promote the feeling of being full.
*2. It works better than coconut oil at keeping you full.
*3. Helps to lower triglycerides and glucose.
*4. Helps to reduce body weight and waist circumference.
*5. Researchers report that it could help or aid in preventing obesity.
*6. Helps burn calories.
*7. An instant source of energy making it unnecessary to store fat for this purpose.
*8. <Your body may adapt to the use of this oil so it is better to use this oil sparingly.>
*9. MCT can be converted into ketones. When taking MCT it can help you stay in the fat burning state known as ketosis.
*10. Helps promote the growth of good gut bacteria and supports the gut lining, which could help with weight loss.

2. Instant energy and Brain Fuel.

*1. An immediate process from gut to liver and does not require Bile Breakdown.
*2. Great source of energy for your brain to function properly.

3. Aids in the Reduction of Lactate Buildup.

*1. Helps burn fat instead of carbs in athletes or people who exercise regularly.
*2. Helps or aides in the performance in swimmers and/or runners.

4. Could help manage Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and Autism.

  • Epilepsy

*1. The type of MCT is important here. MCT Capric Acid has helped improve some seizure control better than some or most medicinal drugs.
*2. Can help block the receptors that can cause seizures. Please speak with your Doctor before doing so.

  • Alzheimer’s

*1. Can help block the receptors in the brain that can cause memory loss.
*2. Although Alzheimer’s can be genetic, Suggestions show that 20-70 grams of MCT that has both Caprylic and Capric Acids can modestly improve the symptoms of Mild to Moderate Alzheimer’s. Please speak with your Doctor before doing so.

  • Autism

*1. MCT may help children with Autism. Studies suggest that adding MCT oil to a ketogenic and gluten-free diet improved autism behaviors for some children.
*2. Keep in mind that this might not work for all children with autism. Please speak with your Doctor before doing so.

5. Fights Yeast And  Bacterial Growth.

*1. MCT has shown to have antimicrobial and antifungal effects.
*2. It has also been shown to reduce the growth of the bacteria ” Candida Albicans” which is commonly known to cause thrash or other skin infections.
*3. Studies also show that coconut oil reduced the growth of ” Clostridium Difficile” which is a disease-causing bacteria.

6.  May reduce the risk factors for Heart Disease.

*1 In a study taken, By combining MCT, Phytosterols, and flax, It could help drop cholesterol by 12 to 15 %.
*2. Helps in the reduction of Bad “LDL” cholesterol.
*3. Helps increase the Good “HDL” cholesterol.
*4. It can help reduce the C-Reactive Protein.

7.  MCT can help control blood sugar and help support diabetes management.

Although MCT oil has many benefits there a few things to keep in mind. If taken in high doses it could lead to a buildup of fat in the liver. It also may stimulate the “Hunger Hormone” in some people. In this case, it works really well for people who have anorexia as it stimulates the hormones “Ghrelin” and “Neuropeptide”. This “Hunger Hormone” when triggered can help those with Anorexia to eat a more efficient amount of food.


There are so many benefits of MCT oil that can help your body. I love the benefits MCT oil gives me. I feel more productive and I do not eat as often (such as snacking on junk food when I shouldn’t). My body just feels better in some ways. If you or anyone you know are interested in consuming MCT oil I would speak with your Doctor or nutritionist before adding it to your diet. Make sure that it will work with you and not harm you in any way. Be on the safe side of things. You wouldn’t want to consume anything that does more harm than good for your body or health.

I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit about MCT oil and its Benefits.


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