Curry Falafels

This is one of my favorite spins on the traditional falafel that I have created and love. I created this recipe with curry in my mind. It worked really well, And It stuck as a staple in our kitchen. It is easy to make and it tastes so good. It is all blended in the food… Continue reading Curry Falafels

Sauces And dips

Cashew Cream Sauce

This is my go-to cream sauce recipe. I pair this with pasta, vegan bbq jackfruit, Salads, and anything your heart desires to pair with this. It is creamy, delicious, slightly tangy with a sweet hint of the cashews. It is just a delectable cream sauce. I make this on a regular basis for any type of cream… Continue reading Cashew Cream Sauce

Sauces And dips

Easy BBQ Sauce

With this recipe, you will accomplish the art of BBQ Sauce. It is super simple and packs a lot of flavors. It is slightly sweet, Slightly tangy and super thick and creamy. It is a recipe that pairs well with anything and everything that you can put BBQ Sauce on or with. INGREDIENTS: 1 cup… Continue reading Easy BBQ Sauce


Orange Mango And Walnut Smoothie

This recipe Is a creamy and delicious concoction of wonderful flavors. It is so sweet and delicious and so good for you. I simply love this smoothie. The mango and orange pair really well with the walnuts. The banana makes this smoothie so creamy and thick. It has protein from the hemp seeds and good healthy… Continue reading Orange Mango And Walnut Smoothie