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Cake Goop

This recipe for cake goop Is something that I’ve used for at least 5 years. It is a homemade cake release and it works beautifully. It is so easy to make and you can either store it in the pantry or the fridge. It lasts for a long while. I make one batch about every 2 months. I bake a lot for my at home bakery so I use this regularly. keep in mind that a little bit goes a long way and if you pile it on it will cause the cake to stick. I learned the hard way when I discovered this little trick of the trade. I brush it on with a pastry brush and line the bottom with parchment and then brush the parchment as well. I do this t be very sure my cakes come out perfect.

I store this in a mason jar with a tight fitting lid in my pantry. If you keep it in the fridge you may want to let it come to room temp before using. This way it is easy to brush into the pans.

Let’s get going.


198 grams crisco
213 grams vegetable oil
142 grams all purpose flour

  1. In a large bowl or a stand mixer with the whisk attachment, add all of your ingredients and whisk until it is smooth, lump free and creamy. You can use a hand mixer as well.
  2. Pour the mixture into a mason jar and attach the lid. Store in a dry and dark place or you can store on the bottom shelf of your fridge.
  • You can spoon or pour a little of the mixture into a small bowl if you are concerned with contamination. I, however, make sure the pans are completely dry and just dip my pastry brush directly into the jar. I’ve never had a problem.
  • Keep the lid tight on the jar to keep air from getting into the jar.
  • Do not let water or moisture get into the jar and this could make the mixture go bad. If you do this it will keep for about 2 months or longer depending on how much you bake.

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