Easy Hamburger Helper

We all know and love the infamous box of hamburger helper that you can easily pick up at any grocery store. Now, Before that box was introduced back in the 70's or so, people made the real version of hamburger helper. It is so easy to make and it is so delicious. Now, this recipe… Continue reading Easy Hamburger Helper


Chipotle Steak Bites

There is nothing I can say about this recipe..... It is steak and steak is good. lol. This recipe is spicy, bright, and full of flavor. It can be easily prepare on the stove top or on a grill/flat top. It is so easy to put together and it is so good. Now, like any… Continue reading Chipotle Steak Bites


Gold Cake With Praline Topping

This recipe is an "Oldie But A Goodie". It has been around for such a long time. This recipe in particular came from my grandmothers recipe collection and it is date to 1957. So I am assuming this is when she received this recipe or created this version of the recipe. What ever the case… Continue reading Gold Cake With Praline Topping