Potatoes Au Gratin

This is one of my favorite side dishes. I love this dish. It is so easy to make and so dang good. A mixy mix here and put it in a pan.... cover it and bake.... yea it is that simple. So let's get into this bad boy! Potatoes Au Gratin INGREDIENTS: 4 tbsp melted… Continue reading Potatoes Au Gratin

Sauces And dips

Cranberry Walnut Relish

I love having cranberry relish as a side for the Holiday's. Are you a cranberry "sauce" person or no? It is a nice complement to the dinner table. This recipe I came up with a few years ago when I could only find whole cranberries at the grocery store. It turned out perfect and it… Continue reading Cranberry Walnut Relish


Holiday Spiced Nuts

When it comes to the Holiday's These spiced nuts are on my gift list. I absolutely adore them. I love making triple batches and giving them away as gifts. It literally makes everyone smile. Yes, I do know those in my family, friends and loved ones who have allergies to nuts so I usually make… Continue reading Holiday Spiced Nuts


Roast Chicken In Cast Iron

Cooking a chicken in a cast iron dutch oven is probably the most fool proof way of not messing up your roast chicken. We all have days where you just want to throw things in the oven and let it cook for a while and turn out perfect. This recipe is one of those recipes.… Continue reading Roast Chicken In Cast Iron


Southern Style Chicken Cornbread Dressing

When it comes to the "Holiday's" in the south this type of "Dressing" makes an appearance in some form or fashion. Many people dress it up and many people dress it right down to the basic. This recipe that I am sharing with you is the very basic version. You can dress it up however… Continue reading Southern Style Chicken Cornbread Dressing


Vanilla Pancakes

We all know and love pancakes. There are so many variations of pancakes out there but If I had to pick one......These would be my absolute favorite. They are soft, fluffy, slightly sweet and they taste just like a vanilla cake. Just without the icing, but the maple syrup and berries make up for it.… Continue reading Vanilla Pancakes


Firecracker Salmon

We love Asian food and we love salmon so, I thought it would be quite fitting to come up with our own recipe for firecracker salmon and I am so glad that I did. This recipe is our spin on the asian classic "firecracker salmon" and it is absolutely delicious. It is slightly spicy, slightly… Continue reading Firecracker Salmon


White Chocolate Chip Lemon Cookies

This recipe is a more elegant take on the chocolate chip cookie. They are soft, fluffy and so delicious. The lemon paired with the white chocolate chips are out of this world! I love making these around the Holidays for a bright and fresh flavor on our dessert table. Not only are these cookies great… Continue reading White Chocolate Chip Lemon Cookies