The Rainbow Cleaning System

Hi guys,

Today I am going to talk to you about the Rainbow Cleaning System. This is more than just a “cleaning System”. It is so many things in one.

I use to reach for the name brand cleaners like Dirt Devils, The shark, and so many others. I thought they did a pretty good job of getting the dirt from my hardwood and carpets. I would fight with them getting clogged and it was horrible to clean them out. They would require filters of all shapes and sizes. They would blow the dirt around and I would later have to dust everything because of it. I was cleaning way more than I needed to be cleaning. It was nearly every day that I had to vacuum or dust or mop. Which, Yes, You do have to do daily maintenance on your home to keep it looking good and clean. But, I was doing deep cleaning nearly every day. It was getting to me. I was at my witts end with cleaning. I was about to hire a maid to do it for me but, It was out of my budget and to have a stranger come into my home and clean just didn’t seem right or fair to anyone.IMG_20180719_210459_835

A friend contacted us and was wanting to do a demo on a “Rainbow Cleaning System”. I didn’t think anything of it. I was doing a friend a favor and just simply thought it was a total waste of our time to sit through a 5-hour long demo about some machine that would not work at all. But, I agreed.  A few days later they arrived out our house and unloaded this contraption and I thought to my self. Great a machine that takes a lot of crap and a pain to lug around.

This gentleman unloaded everything and it was brought in to my home and the demo was set up. The gentleman was very nice and calm. Very friendly. So I thought “ok, let’s give this man a chance”. He hooked everything up and it looked alright. It was quiet and not overly big. He filled the tank up with water and set the machine up. I didn’t know what to say at this point.

He started the demo and was talking about the machine and its functions and all of the items you could get for it such as a room mist deodorizer, a car deodorizer, a mop head, a dust mite cleaner,  oils for making your home smell nice, a carpet shampooer, and so many other cool little things.

He then went on to show just what this machine could do. He vacuumed our hardwood with a cloth filter attached to the hose and the dirt that was caught was noticeable. He then went on to vacuum our carpet. The amount of dirt that was picked up from this machine was shocking. I could not believe just how much dirt our vacuum did not get up. I was speechless. This man kept going over the exact same spot on the carpet and it was just getting up more and more dirt.20180718_191046

The water in the basin turned from clear to dark brown in a matter of minutes. He emptied out the water and continued to go over the same spot. The water continued to turn brown. I was horrified at the dust, dirt, and particles we were inhaling from this carpet. He vacuumed our shades and walls and the dust (which I thought was clean because I use Swiffer to dust and sprays to help clean the walls) That he got off was offputting.

At this point, he preceded to tell us that the reason why this machine picks up is that when the vacuum picks up the dust, the vacuum is not blowing it back out like regular cleaners do. There are no filters to replace and the blower is attached to the back of the machine rather than the front so there is no way possible for the vacuum to blow anything anywhere. The dust and dirt that it picks up gets trapped in the water basin and stays there.

I was amazed at the mess he was getting with this machine. I was wanting to know everything I could about this machine so I started looking up reviews myself about this “cleaning system”. The reviews I found were outstanding.  Here are a few things I found on this wonderful little machine.

  1. It is allergy and asthma friendly. It is certified by asthma and allergy foundation of America. This is great because with some family members who come visit will not have any side effects because this little machine attracts all of the dust and dirt. There is even a stamp of approval right on the machine its self.
  2. I saw where it was used by NASA to help clean and keep clean the area they are in and also the air they breathe. Which is great because not only is this a vacuum it is also an air purifier. Which is great because now we sleep better and breath better. Our sleep is more restful and we get a deeper sleep and wake up feeling great and not groggy and tired.
  3. It uses water to clean and trap all of the dust and dirt. It also gets up hair, parasites, dust mites, and any other little particle or creepy crawlies on your floor and furniture. This is fantastic because I can literally vacuum our beds and pillows and get off all of the dead skin cells and dust mites from our beds and furniture so we can relax and sleep better.
  4. The attachments have it’s on little caddy that attaches to the machine so they are handy and ready to use when you are. It is easy to assemble and glides easily over any surface and from room to room. The only downfall is the plugin cord which can get in the way but, a small price to pay for an actual clean home.
  5. Scents. It has wonderful scents and cleaners that you can simply fill up the water basin and your home smells clean and wonderful. It fills the rooms up that you clean with a fantastic smell. This is great for me because I love a nice smelling room and furniture.
  6. Cleaners. You get wonderful smelling cleaners with the mop attachment so you can clean your floors with ease and get up all of the nasty gunk on your floors. You can also get a deodorizer set that helps not only clean but kill and trap all of the bacteria in the air.
  7. You get a vacuum attachment for carpet, hardwood floor attachment for hardwood and laminate floors, a dust brush for shades and curtains, a crevice device for getting into hard to reach places such as some corners and in between cushions on your furniture.
  8. You get a big bag to put in items such as pillows to vacuum out and fluff up the items you put into it.
  9. You can turn the machine on low and add a few drops of the deodorizer or scent and leave it running and it will continuously purify your air.
  10. It does not take much energy to use this machine and it also helps keep your home cooler and disperse the air more easily throughout your home.
  11. You can also use this machine to blow off dirt and debris from your patio, porch or walkway. You can use it to blow off water from your vehicle after washing it. It is great!

Some of the items you can win if you decide to do demos your self and some I’m sure you can get online at the rainbow website or in store. You can check out their website at rainbowsystem.com or email them at custserv@rexairllc.com.

I stand behind this wonderful cleaning system and back it 100%. I have noticed a huge difference in my home after just one week of using it. My home is much cleaner and stays cleaner and dust free for longer which I don’t have to clean as often anymore. This makes more time to spend with your family doing other things rather than cleaning constantly.  My air is softer and my home is much cooler and my cooling system does not work as hard to cool my home. It smells nice all the time in my home now and I don’t have to use expensive home perfumes to do so. I have also used downy fabric softener liquid in my water basin and it smells so good in my home.   As long as the scent is a liquid form it works wonderfully. I do not recommend using a waxy or hard scent like scent beads or anything of that nature in your machine as this makes the machine water basin to get a waxy build up on the sides.

You can also change the scent of your machine without having to change out the water. Say you have a lemon scent in your basin and you want to put in an orange scent, all you have to do is squirt the orange in and it automatically changes the scent. Just remember when the water gets dirty, change the water and add more scent if you wish to do so. It is that simple.

With all of this being said I am going to stop the review here. If you have any questions on this machine and how you can set up a demo or order your own, please feel free to contact me via email at plantbased82@gmail.com or you can find me on Instagram under healthyrecipes82 and you can DM me there. I am up for any questions you might have or any information you might need.

Thank you all for reading this review and I hope you decide to acquire your own Rainbow Cleaning System and change your home living space.

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