PR and Collaberations

I am currently an Ambassador for a company called Snackhabit. They are a website that offers monthly subscriptions for all sorts of snacks. You select a box or customize your subscription, they tailor to you and then deliver your order right to your door each month. Its all for a low monthly subscription. They have all sorts of snacks to choose from. Go check them out and look through all of their snacks and see what you would like to get every month and you can pick and choose every month if you like. You can use the code (sam_0999) for  20% off your first month’s subscription. Go visit http://www.snackhabit.com I do get a small portion for everyone who uses the code, And I am not paid to have this on my website.

I am also an Ambassador for another company called SandCloud. They are a great company that has towels, clothing, and all sorts of accessories. They have so many items to choose from and they are all so cute as well. 10% of the money from items sold is donated to marine life partners. They give back to help save all the marine life and keep them safe. They have been featured on CNBC, The Huffington Post and on Shark Tank among others. They are a great company to support and they have great clothing and accessories too. I love the fact that they give 10% of every purchase back to help save a marine life. I do not have a coupon code for them and I am not paid from this company but supporting a good company help save wild marine lives. Go visit their website at http://www.sandcloud.com and help save a marine life.

To anyone who would like to PR or Collab please feel free to check out my Instagram @scarlettandkris and you can DM me there or leave a comment here or you can email me. My information is also on the website here. I am open to all PR and Collabs. I will post all new things that have to deal with Any company so you know exactly what is going on and if I am getting paid or anything by any company at all. You will always be in the loop. I will also post any codes for any companies as well. If you have any questions please let me know via Instagram or by email. I will answer all questions privately unless asked publicly.

I hope this clears up anything you need to know and i hope everyone has a wonderful day. I hope to hear from you soon.


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