Firecracker Salmon

We love Asian food and we love salmon so, I thought it would be quite fitting to come up with our own recipe for firecracker salmon and I am so glad that I did. This recipe is our spin on the asian classic "firecracker salmon" and it is absolutely delicious. It is slightly spicy, slightly… Continue reading Firecracker Salmon


Korean Black Bean Noodles (JJaJangmeyon)

In Our household we LOVE Asian food. ALL Asian food. It is just so good. It is also fairly easy to make. I love making Asian food because it is so healthy and delicious.... As in all food you can always make it more than what it needs to be with unnecessary products however, for… Continue reading Korean Black Bean Noodles (JJaJangmeyon)

Soups And Stews

Easy Egg Drop Soup

Asian dishes are in my top 5 favorite cuisines. There is no food like the food you grew up eating however, asian food has a special place in my heart. I love asian food. from something simple like Egg Drop Soup to things like braised fish. The flavor profile of their cuisine are just out… Continue reading Easy Egg Drop Soup