Soups And Stews

Italian Chicken Soup

This recipe is easy to make and it is so full of flavor. There is just something about this soup that is so comforting to the soul. It is great to have in the fall or winter when it is cold or rainy. This soup is slowly simmered with vegetables and herbs to get the… Continue reading Italian Chicken Soup


Tortellini Alla Panna

If you love pasta alfredo then you will fall in love with this dish. This is the original creamy dish that you know. However, this is not the alfredo you know from those pasta jars or restaurants. It is similar but it is not. If that makes sense. All will be revealed as we make… Continue reading Tortellini Alla Panna

Soups And Stews

Pasta e Fagioli

This soup is one of my absolute favorite Italian soups. It is effortless to make and the flavor is just... so delicious. It is just one of many perfect cold-weather meals. I did a ton of research and searched tons of recipes to find the most authentic style of Pasta e Fagioli I could put… Continue reading Pasta e Fagioli