Soups And Stews

Crockpot Chicken And Wild Rice Soup

Is it fall yet? I am not too sure. The weather is in the lower 80's in early November here. I am still making all of the fall soups and all of the other tasty dishes that come with this "cozy" time of year. I just bought a few new sweaters and long sleeves to… Continue reading Crockpot Chicken And Wild Rice Soup


Fry Bread (For Indian Tacos)

My family and I love fry bread. It is something that I had on a regular basis growing up. Being Native (Tsalagi/Iroquoian/Cherokee) this is the bread that was primarily made in our home... well besides cornbread, flatbread, and loaf bread... It was easier to make and it was just as good and not to mention… Continue reading Fry Bread (For Indian Tacos)