Rice Water Toner And Hair Rinse

This recipe has been around for hundreds of years. It has been used in the beauty world of many Asian cultures. It has many benefits for your skin and hair. It is full of vitamins and minerals that are great for your skin and hair. It is one of the easiest and most effective beauty remedies. All you need are just 2 ingredients. That’s it!


1 cup of rice
4 cups of water


  1. Using a fine mesh strainer add in the rice and run under cool water. Using your hand rub the rice together until the water runs clear. This gets rid of any impurities from the rice that does not need to be put on your face or hair.
  2. When the water is clear from rinsing add the rice to a pot.
  3. Pour over the 4 cups of water and stir to mix.
  4. Bring the mixture to a boil.
  5. Boil the mixture until the rice is completely done. There will be water in the pan. do not discard it. This is the water you will need.
  6. Place a strainer over a bowl and strain the water from the rice.
  7. Let the water cool completely. You can use the rice however you need. In dishes or just eat it plain. Or you can store it for later use.
  8. When the rice water is completely cool pour into a jar with a lid and store in the fridge up to one week.


  1. You can use this mixture on your face. Just dip in a cotton ball or pad into the mixture until completely saturated with the liquid. You can squeeze a little out if needed but the cotton ball needs to have a good amount of liquid on it. Apply to a clean face and neck. Let the rice water air dry onto your face. When completely dry you can at this point add a moisturizer to your face.
  2. You can use this mixture on your hair as a protein shot for your hair. On dry hair pour over the liquid to saturate the hair to the root. Let sit for 2 minutes so the hair can absorb some of the liquid. Squeeze out the excess liquid from the hair and using a hair tie or clip, clip the hair on your head. Let sit for 20 minutes. Shampoo as normal and use a conditioner to soften the hair.  style as normal.
  • When I do this rinse I put a deep conditioning mask on my hair. I put castor oil on my roots and coconut oil on my ends and let sit in hair 4 hours or overnight. I wash my hair twice and condition as normal leaving the conditioner in my hair for 10 minutes. This helps replenish lost moisture. I blow dry or style my hair as I would normally. You will see and feel such a difference in your hair and skin if you do either method.


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