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Patty Melts With Pimento Cheese

Patty Melts With Pimento Cheese Burgers are one of the best summertime grilling past times, especially in the south. There is not a summer that has gone by without a burger being grilled at one point or another. Burgers just make summers better. Am I right or am I right? lol This Patty melt burger… Continue reading Patty Melts With Pimento Cheese

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Swiss Mushroom Burgers

Swiss Mushroom Burger It is no surprise that we love burgers in this house. We love them grilled or pan-fried. They are so versatile and you can make them in so many different ways, even wrapped in lettuce. However you like your burger, they are so delicious. I am going to share with you another… Continue reading Swiss Mushroom Burgers


Cheddar Bacon Mushroom Smash Burgers

We all love burgers in some way. Whether they are vegan or full on meat smothered in cheese... I have to say, I love them all. This burger, on the other hand, is our favorite. It is a "guys burger" as my husband says. I guess it's because it is two patty's smothered with cheese,… Continue reading Cheddar Bacon Mushroom Smash Burgers