Old Fashioned Boiled Cookies

I remember being just a little girl in my grandmothers’ kitchen making all the things. I love reminiscing about every recipe that I make that I had the chance to make with my grandmother. There is just nothing like it. I hope to give the same memories to my children and grandchildren. I have not gotten to the grandchildren part yet but I am sure we will be there eventually one day. Having the memories that I do and the love that was shared with each of the recipes are the very best feeling in the world. I would not trade any of it for the world.

Looking back I wish that I had gotten more and more recipes but that was just not in the cards for me. My grandmother passed away before I had the chance to make all of her beloved recipes from her childhood like her molasses candy. I have had the recipe for many years and have only made it a hand full of times but I sure can’t wait to pull out more of her recipes and share them with all of you.

I know that I normally don’t share too many long words on here because I know that I don’t like to read a ton of things before getting to that recipes way at the bottom of someone’s blog post. I find that if it is a short “get to the point” skit then one can just get right to it. I, however, love hearing about the old times, old ways, and the memory attached to the recipe that someone shares, and I am willing to try it.

This recipe is so easy, and I share on my youtube channel exactly how I make it step by step. So, if you want to check that out I will leave the link at the bottom of the recipe so you can head on over there. I find that seeing the video of a recipe and exactly how someone makes it helps me with a recipe that I want to try. Most of the recipes that I have on here I have a video for. You can easily look them up and watch them before making any recipe if you like.

So, let’s get to the recipe.

Old Fashioned Boiled Cookies


2 cups sugar ( I use cane sugar but use what you have)
1 stick unsalted butter
1/2 cup milk ( almond, soy, or coconut and even oat milk will work)
1/4 cup cocoa powder
2 1/2 cups rolled oats ( you can use quick-cooking if that is what you have on hand)
1/2 cup peanut butter ( I use organic peanut butter but any will do *)
1 tsp vanilla


  1. In a saucepan over medium low heat add the butter. Let the butter melt slightly.
  2. Add in the milk and let the milk become warm.
  3. Add in the sugar and stir to dissolve slightly before adding in the cocoa powder. Stir to combine well and bring the mixture to a boil.
  4. Once the mixture begins to boil cook the mixture for exactly 2 minutes. I use a timer so I know exactly how long I am cooking it for. Once the mixture has boiled for 2 minutes cut the heat off and stir until the bubbles subside.
  5. Add in the vanilla and stir to incorporate.
  6. Add the peanut butter and stir until well combined and smooth.
  7. Add the oats and stir until all of the oats are well coated in the mixture.
  8. Let stand for 1 minute.
  9. In the meantime line two sheet trays with a sil-pat or parchment paper.
  10. Using a 3 tbsp measure or a tablespoon, Scoop out 3 tbsp worth of the mixture onto your sheet tray about 3 inches apart. They will spread slightly. DO NOT BAKE!
  11. Once you have all of your cookies onto your tray let them cool for 1 to 2 hours or until they are fully set.
  12. Now you are ready to enjoy or give some as gifts.

  • I store mine in an airtight cookie jar on the counter for about a week. You can store them in an airtight container in the fridge for about 2 weeks or so. I have not frozen any so I am not sure how that will work.
  • You can swap out the vanilla or a different flavor profile like almond or coconut extract.
  • I have often skipped out on the oats and used rice crispies in it’s place. It is a delicious substitute if you are not an oat fan. My youngest daughter does not like oats so I often swap it out for her in a double batch of oat and rice crispies.
  • I use organic peanut butter with only peanuts and salt in the ingredients. I am an organic peanut butter fan, however, my daughter and husband likes the peter pan honey roasted peanut butter. If I opt for using this peanut butter I often cut back on the sugar slightly so it is not way to sweet. You use whatever peanut butter you have on hand that you like and it will turn out delicious.
  • You can also use sunflower seed butter or any other style of nut butter that you like in the place of peanut butter and it will be delicious and with a whole different flavor profile. I think I may try these with macadamia nut butter…. sounds good.
  • You can also add chopped nuts, seeds, or dried fruit to the mix for a wonderful addition.
    • Here is the video like for the video on my channel if you would like to check it out. It is completly free and you can subscribe if you like so you can get more recipes.

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